About Us


As we strive to develop solutions that make transportation more sustainable, Teijin Automotive Technologies is committed to making its global operations more environmentally friendly.

We’re committed to reducing CO2 emissions, with a long-term goal of achieving ZERO emissions by 2050.

Interim goals include reducing fresh water usage by 30% and hazardous waste output by 20% by 2030.

Additional initiatives include:

  • Complete LCA of composite materials
  • Carbon Footprint analysis

Sustainability is a key driver for our composite product research and development. Our materials development team continues to investigate the use of organic and renewable materials. We also incorporate natural fiber composites in our structural design and manufacturing processes, which help reduce synthetic material processing.

Not only are we researching alternative materials that reduce environmental impact, we’re also working aggressively towards reusability. Our thermoplastics have a high molecular weight allowing materials to be remolded and reused in a second round of products with the same strength-to-weight ratio, which reduces waste.