teijin automotive technologies has the most advanced composite materials development processes in the world

Light-weight Composite Products

black light-weight composite part

Our light-weight composites applications, including EV battery covers and enclosures, Class A body panels, modular roof systems and pickup boxes, offer a high strength-to-weight ratio, boost efficiency and won’t corrode or degrade when chemically exposed. Because composites are easier to mold, they are ideal for liftgates, decklids and other components requiring complex or distinctive styling cues that can’t be achieved with other materials.

New, mixed materials approaches allow us to bond Class A exterior panels to a variety of inner materials to achieve superior weight and strength specifications, while reducing tooling costs.

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Composite products available for the automotive industry include:

white vw trunk lid assembly
  • Exterior Body Panels (Class A)
    • Side Panels
    • Body Components
    • Liftgates
    • Removable Hardtop Assemblies and
      Modular Roofing Systems
    • Tonneau Covers
    • Trunk and Decklid Assemblies
    • Fender Assemblies
black pickup box and tailgate
  • Pickup Boxes And Related Components
    • Pickup Box
    • Pickup Box Tailgate Closeout
structural component example
  • Structural Components
    • Electric Vehicle Battery Covers and
      Complete Enclosures
    • Radiator Support Assemblies
    • Bumper Beams
    • Structural Members
    • Sunshade Substrate
    • Spare Tire Hub and Locator Assemblies
underbody component example
  • Underbody Components
    • Fuel Tank Heat Shields
    • Splash & Underbody Shields
    • Access Covers
interior body component example
  • Interior Body Components
    • Engine Shrouds
    • Engine Cover Assembly
    • Engine Sump Pan