Our advanced engineering and materials science experts understand composites better than anyone in the industry. As we formulate the next generation of lightweight materials, we offer our customers a number of cost-effective lightweighting technologies to help them meet industry regulations for reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency. Our award-winning, lightweight composites offer a high strength-to-weight ratio, boost fuel efficiency for the automotive industry and won’t corrode or degrade when chemically exposed.

Teijin Automotive Technologies’ expert staff of chemists, chemical engineers, polymer engineers, materials scientists and technicians is continually developing new lightweight composite materials and processes to further improve our products. With more than 50 patents, we have some of the most robust research and development capabilities in the composites industry. Our best-in-class, in-house lab is fully-equipped to formulate, compound and test an array of materials, and our development team is exploring ways to make a product that is not only lighter and stronger, but also greener. Teijin Automotive Technologies’ composite alternatives are made from eco-conscious components including carbon fiber, natural and organic fillers and synthetic packing.

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